Frequently Asked Questions

What is Longcross Garden Village?

Longcross is a former military research site which is now partly a film studio. It is divided into two parts, Upper Longcross and Longcross South, separated by the M3.

The site as a whole is designated as one of the Government’s prestigious Garden Village developments. Across both sites there will be approximately 1700 new homes. Upper Longcross is already under construction while proposals for Longcross South are being developed in consultation with key local stakeholders.

Who is involved?

Crest Nicholson are working with Aviva Investors, designing an exciting new Garden Village development. Crest Nicholson are an award winning housebuilder with a track record of delivering outstanding quality developments across south east.

Crest Nicholson is firmly committed to an extensive programme of engagement with local community stakeholders.

What are the proposals?

Alongside building much needed new homes, the proposals also include significant community benefits including employment opportunities community facilities and large amounts of open space. This will be a 21st century village community which reflects the best that Surrey has to offer.


  • 400 homes
  • houses and apartments
  • Close to railway station
  • New innovation building for local businesses
  • Children’s play area
  • Village green


  • 1300 homes
  • A new primary school
  • A new village centre – with range of shops, cafés, restaurants, a nursery and a village green
  • A health centre
  • A community facility
  • Sport pitches and facilities
  • Children’s play area

Will Longcross Station be upgraded?

A package of improvements has already been agreed within the planning consent for Upper Longcross North and further discussions will be taking place with South West Railways and Network Rail for further improvements to be carried out. There will be additional parking is included and Crest Nicholson is working with the relevant authorities to assess the number of spaces which will be required.

How will existing residents benefit from this development?

Crest Nicholson want to provide significant benefits to existing residents. This will include:

  • A new primary school
  • A new village centre – with range of shops, cafés, restaurants, a nursery and a village green
  • A health centre
  • A community facility
  • Sport pitches and facilities
  • Children’s play area
  • Village green
  • New innovation building for local businesses

And will there be more trains?

Yes, the number of trains has already increased recently and it is understood that South Western Railway has now submitted proposals to increase this to 35 trains in May 2019. There has also been a submission to Network Rail and the Department of Transport to introduce a half an hour frequency for Longcross Railway station.

Will there be a doctors’ surgery or health centre on site?

Crest Nicholson is talking to the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as to whether a new surgery would be required on-site or whether the their preference would be to see financial contributions made to other local surgeries. Ultimately this is a decision to be made by the CCG and is not within Crest’s control.

Why is there only a primary school rather than a secondary school?

Education provision is being agreed in line with Surrey County Council policy with input from Runnymede Borough Council. A development of more than 3000 homes would usually be required to provide a full secondary school on-site.

Have other major developments coming forward both in Runnymede and in neighbouring local authorities been taken into account?

Yes. The method of capturing this information is agreed with Surrey County Council. This includes all consented development to generate an accurate picture of future local traffic conditions, and help determine whether mitigation measures, are required.

What improvements will be made to the access points from Longcross Road?

The team is currently working on the design solutions, with Surrey County Council.

Regarding speeds, will a speed restriction be put in place on Longcross Road and within the development?

Surrey County Council has supported a speed limit reduction on Longcross to 50mph (and 40mph for Kitsmead Lane).

Will there be improvements to Longcross Road to attract sustainable transport for example the road [speed] limit and better lighting for cyclists?

Crest Nicholson are seeking to make improvements, including lighting, wherever possible and around its access points. However, lighting and improving other parts of Longcross Road will need to be determined by Surrey County Council as the local transport authority.

Will construction traffic run on local roads?

Yes. A full Construction Environment Management Plan will be agreed with Runnymede Borough Council and Surrey County Council, and this will be one of the conditions of the planning consent.

Will there be open space?

Longcross Garden Village is a landscape led development providing significant open space and encouraging existing and new residents to enjoy the outdoors.

What improvements will be made to local transport connections?

One of the purposes of a garden village is to create integrated and accessible transport systems, with walking, cycling and public transport designed to be the most attractive forms of local transport.

Longcross Garden Village will have extensive new direct accessible walking and cycling routes across the site while looking to connect existing routes to the network.

Has consideration been given to air quality and the impact of new homes and cars on both new existing and new residents, particularly in light of the Heathrow proposals?

Yes. All developments have to keep to strict energy efficiency guidelines and are rated on how they achieve this through different measures such as walls, heating systems). There will be the opportunity for the development to include solar panels and electric car charging points to encourage more sustainable modes of transport.

Upper Longcross is currently under construction with residents having already moved into their new homes. Proposals for Longcross South are currently being prepared in conjunction with local community and council ensuring that this development will reflect local aspirations. Crest Nicholson are looking to submit a planning application later this year.

Crest Nicholson want to ensure that Longcross Garden Village will be a 21st century village community which reflects the best that Surrey has to offer.